Washington Spring Ball, May 20, 2017

Band Bio*

Goldcrest: Named for a British songbird with close relatives in the Americas, Goldcrest was hatched in the spring of 2002, when pianist Dave Wiesler got two of his favorite musicians together to form a trio for English country and contra dance.

The chemistry was right, and the group has been scheming ever since for more opportunities to play together, despite their geographic separation. Goldcrest features, seasoned musicians of national reputation, steeped in the folk dance traditions of Appalachia, New England, and the British Isles. Goldcrest is:

  • New Orleans fiddler Daron Douglas
  • Multi-instrumentalist virtuoso Paul Oorts, and
  • Pianist & guitarist Dave Wiesler

The band

After over a decade of playing together, in 2015 Goldcrest released a long-overdue recording, The Goldcrest Collection, featuring music for dances of choreographer and caller Joseph Pimentel.

View a video clip of Goldcrest playing at a Friday Night contra dance at Glen Echo, courtesy of Kevin Mabon and YouTube (totally rough and unedited).

* Adapted from Paul's web page for Goldcrest.

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