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Major Night-time Traffic Delays — Washington Beltway / I-495
at Tyson's Corner / Rt. 50 / I-66 / Dulles Toll Road

Due to major construction, late evening / night-time lane closures cause major delays on the Washington Beltway / I-495 in the areas noted above. Advice:

Options  **

  1. Avoid the Beltway in the evening west of DC in the area noted above.
    • Travel around the east side of DC to points south.
    • Note that I-95 and I-495 are on the same roadway on the north-east, east and south-east sides of DC.

If you must pass through the Tyson's Corner area, here are some ideas.

  1. Lane closures are rare during the day time.
  2. Listen to WTOP 103.5 FM for traffic reports "on the 8s" (12:08, 12:18, etc.).
  3. Check Google traffic, or before heading out.
  4. Night is prime time for the construction crewsand they are hard at work on the interchanges at VA-267 (Dulles Toll Road) and VA-123, I-66 and US 50.
  5. On the outer loop of the Beltway — for blockage between VA-193 & VA-267 (Dulles Toll Road),
    • Stay in the right lane crossing the American Legion Bridge (Potomac River).
    • Exit at the end of the bridge, staying in the left of 2 lanes of the exit ramp; do not take the ramp to the right onto the George Wash Pkwy.
    • Climb the hill, take the middle lane (do not get back on I-495).
    • Turn left at light at the top of the hill in the left lane of two.
    • Turn left and travel briefly on VA-193. (Alternate *** Updated May 12)
    • Move to right-most lane, crossing over I-495 and turn right at the light onto Balls Mill Rd. (County Rd. 686).
    • Continue on Balls Mill, cross Old Dominion Dr at a light, and move to the left lane approaching the 2nd light.
    • Turn left at light, traveling briefly on Lewinsville Rd, VA-694.
    • Move immediately to right-most lane and turn right at the 1st light onto VA-123 Dolley Madison Blvd.
    • Travel on VA-123 past VA-267 (unless you want to take VA-267 west) & I-495. (VA-123 becomes Chain Bridge Rd.)
    • At the intersection with two gas stations on the left, move into a left-turn lane at that light.
    • Turn left onto International Drive, and travel through several closely spaced lights to VA-7.
      • To go west on VA-267, turn right onto VA-7.
    • Turn left onto VA-7 to get back to I-495 south to I-66, US-50, & VA-236.
    • *** Alternate route via VA-193.
      • When exiting from I-495 towards VA-193, turn right at top of hill onto VA-193.
        (This route is a bit longer, but is recommeded as being problem-free.)
      • Travel ~ 2 mi on VA-193
      • Turn left on Spring Hill Road.
      • Spring Hill becomes International Drive which, in turn becomes Gallows Road.
      • Continue directions on International Drive, above.
  6. For blockage is in the I-66 area,
    • Take exit 47 to VA-7 west toward Vienna.
      • If headed for VA-267 (Dulles Toll Road), follow VA-7 west to VA-267.
    • Otherwise take VA-7 west to (about) the 3rd light.
    • Move left to a left-turn lane for Gallows Rd (VA-650). Turn left on Gallows Rd.
    • Follow Gallows south to US-29 / Lee Hwy.
      • If headed for VA-236, turn right onto Lee Hwy. Travel to a left turn onto Prosperity (VA-699).
      • If headed for I-66, turn right onto Lee Hwy. Travel to right onto Nutley St (VA-243). Travel ~2 blocks to interchange I-66.
      • If headed for US-50, continue on Lee Hwy; it merges into US-50 at Fairfax Circle.
  7. If blockage is at US-50,
    • To get to US-50 west, take I-495's exit 49 onto I-66 west.
    • Travel west until it intersects US-50 at I-66's (exit 57).
  8. Note that even if the "blockage" is at I-66 or US-50, which are further along the outer loop, the blockage may extend back some distance and using the "VA-193 / VA-267 option" might be best.
  9. One can get to westbound I-66 and US-50 by taking the Dulles Toll Road, VA-267, west towards Dulles Airport and turning south on VA-28 towards Chantilly.
  10. Travel to the Charlottesville area: consider I-95 south to Fredericksburg and then Rt. 3, continuing on other routes through Orange, Gordonsville, etc., to Charlottesville.

**  Thanks to NOVA resident Jerry Blum for providing advise and alternative routes.

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